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18 Sep

iStock_000000298604XSmallOn Tuesday September 22nd  2009 you can meet, Confront,and “WATCH THEM GET THEM HAMMERED”,the Illinois Funeral Director Association bad guys ( ok some).

Much has been written about the IFDA  Preneed Trust Funeral  Scandal at this blog.

Many Funeral Directors and preneed policy holders have been hurt with THE IFDA theft of Funeral Preneed Funds.

I received this from the Illinois Funeral Directors Association. It is your invitation to get involved.

The “IFDA has been asked to appear at the next Funeral and Burial Pre-arrangement Investigation Task Force Hearing.

Chris Woodridge, Charles Childs, Vickie Diedrich, Eric Trimble, and Duane Marsh will be meeting with the Pre-need Task Force in a public hearing scheduled for Tuesday, September 22 at 1:00 p.m. in Room 16-503 at the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago”

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