Firm in New SCI suit won $38.1 Mil in Florida Case-Your Funeral Guy.

14 Sep
Up to 500 Graves desecrated here

Up to 500 Graves desecrated here

The law Firm in the NEW  California  Service Corporation International Lawsuit won a Florida Case against SCI in 2oo8. The case that they won occurred in Florida at the Menorah Gardens Cemetery. The Jury trial ended in 2008. The grave desecrations in the latest lawsuit  occurred at Eden Memorial Park in Los Angeles.


The lawsuit at Eden Memorial Park at Mission Hills in California is the latest  in a string of Lawsuits against Service Corporation international  in 2009.

Up to 5oo Grave sites were desecrated in the New SCI Scandal.

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Less than one-year ago Eagan O’Malley & Avenatti, LLP obtained a $31.8 jury verdict, reported to be one of the largest in the country in 2008.  Plaintiff is also represented by Edward M. Ricci, Esq. of Edward M. Ricci, P.A in Palm Beach County, Florida.  Mr. Ricci previously successfully represented numerous individuals in connection with the Menorah Gardens cemetery scandal in Florida, where similar allegations were made against Service Corporation International.”

The grave robbing at Burr Oak cemetery in Chicago along With this latest Service Corporation International Scandal  is a wake up call for Cemetery Reform Legislation!

Up to 500 graves desecrated at Eden Memorial Park, Mission Hills California.

Up to 300 graves desecrated at Burr Oak Cemetery Alsip, IL

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Photo from –CNN.COM


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