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3 Sep

Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Forest Lawn Memorial Park

The Michael Jackson Burial appears to be under the control of his Mother Katherine and there may be no live streaming video. Michael Jackson is to be buried in a high security spot at Forest Lawn. Holly Terrace is a secure place. Sections are locked. the place is plagued with Security Cameras and listening devices. This will be the place of the Michael Jackson Burial.

It has been reported that one of Michael Jackson’s White Gloves has been placed in his casket. It also has been reported that Michael Jacksons Children have placed notes in his golden casket.

From Time.Com

The private invitation is understated considering the life it is commemorating: a beige cover, with two corded strands, one black, one brown, each ending in sashes, framing the words “Michael Jackson: August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009.” It opens to a portrait of the artist in vivid color, holding flowers. Other portraits — a young Michael and an older Michael, in what is presumably a carnival ground on his Neverland estate — decorate other pages in the thin brochure, along with lyrics and words by the deceased. It asks the recipient to be at The Great Mausoleum of Forest Lawn Memorial-Park by 7 p.m. on Sept. 3 for a private service over his “final resting place.”

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Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Forest Lawn  Memorial Park Sign from flickr under the Creative Commons license from

gruntzooki’s photostream

Photo: Forest Lawn Memorial-Park in Glendale Credit: Francine Orr /  Los Angeles Times


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