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1 Sep

Another Cemetery Scandal in the Chicago Area

Another Cemetery Scandal in the Chicago Area

A Second  Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal Has been revealed in  the Chicago Area. This was revealed Last Thursday at the the Cemetery  Oversight Task Force and Meeting.  The Scandal is located at Mount Hope Cemetery in south Suburban  Chicago.

From: The SouthwestObservor

“A day after reports that four bodies at Mount Hope Cemetery may have been buried in body bags in a single grave, concerned families flooded the Morgan Park cemetery hoping that their loved ones had not been disturbed.

The secretary of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Brent Adams, has asked Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes to investigate reports of misconduct that were raised during a hearing of the newly formed Cemetery Task Force, formed by Gov. Pat Quinn after the scandal at Alsip’s Burr Oak Cemetery.”

More Info on Mount Hope Cemetery:

Mt Hope Cemetery Association
11500 S Fairfield Ave
Chicago, IL 60655-1999
(708) 371-2818‎

News reports state that this cemetery scandal will not be the size of Burr Oak.

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