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31 Aug

Our Lady of Perpetual  Bascilla Place of Ted Kennedy Funeral

Our Lady of Perpetual Care Bascilla Place of Ted Kennedy Funeral

The Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy Funeral was mishandled by the Funeral Directors involved.  The Funeral Directors are SCI,  Service Corporation International also known as NYSE:SCI.

The first few days of the Funeral seemed to come off without a glitch, the public viewing and the Irish Wake, gave all Americans a glimpse of an excellent celebration of life.

Saturday, however turned out to be a different story.  At  Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica the Kennedy Casket was brought into the Church perfectly by the US Military.  The flag was removed perfectly by the US Military.

Maybe only a Funeral Director would notice, but the Pal was not placed on the Senators Casket correctly. This caused the casket to go down the aisle to the front of the church with the Pal incorrectly on the casket.  During the Funeral Service, a member of the Kennedy Family noticed that the Pal was not straight, got out of their seat and straightened the Pal.

The Pal not being placed on the Casket Correctly shows disrespect for Senator Kennedy, The family, the religion of the deceased, the Catholic Church, and the congregation in the room(powerful folks eh?)

Service Corporation International should apologize for the error, to those mentioned above  the citizens of the United States and the world.

Maybe Service  Corporation International Should Give the Kennedy’s a refund for the way the Funeral was handled.

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Towering Mission Church Picture Uploaded (Flickr Creative commons license) on June 11, 2009
by EdKopp4


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