Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy Dies|Funeral to come-YourFuneralGuy

26 Aug

2226149161_3a88bdb97dSenator Edward Kennedy has died. This is historical moment as the last major politician in the Kennedy Dynasty has passed. Kennedy Served alongside 10 US Presidents. Reaction is pouring in  from around the world. Flags are flying at half staff at the White House. and the United States Capital.

The  brother of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy is dead.

Ted Kennedy also was primary to the Election Of  Barack Obama as President.  He was “the force” behind the the current health care debate.

He overcame several  early defeats cheating  and being expelled at Harvard. He also drove a young girl off a bridge to her death.(Chappaquiddick)

No funeral Arrangements are public at this time.

Funeral Industry Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

Source Fox News 9:00 am CDT Broadcast

Ted Kennedy Pic from flickr under the creative commons license from flickr from diggersf’s photostream

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