Burr Oak Cemetery Hearing: Thursday, Aug.27th-YourFuneralGuy

24 Aug

Blog+Image_sized_oldgateThe next Meeting of the Burr Oak Cemetery Task Force is to take place Thursday at the Thompson Center in Chicago on August 27th 2009.The hearing will take place between 2 and 4pm. Room  16-503

Burr Oak is the cemetery where over 300 Graves were desecrated. Four people have been charged in this matter. If you are concerned about your relatives buried at Burr Oak Cemetery it would be best to be at this meeting.

It has been reported that theCemetery Oversight Task Force(cemeterytaskforce.illinois)wants to hear from the owners of Burr Oak Cemetery. Burr Oak is owned by Perpetua, Inc. Presently  the cemetery is in Court  receivership.

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More information on Perpetua, Inc here

You can find out more and get help and more information on  the Burr Oak Cemetery here:

Cook County Sheriff’s website:www.burroak.net

Burr oak cemetery pic from religion dispatches.org


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