$50,000 for Burr Oak Cemetery Released-yourfuneralguy

24 Aug

iStock_000003488156XSmallA judge has released $50,000.00 USD for the operation of Burr Oak Cemetery. This is good news for those who are seeking more information on loved ones whose graves may have been dug up.

In July 2009 it was discovered that over 200 graves were desecrated at the cemetery  in Alsip, IL. Other investigations are continuing. Bones were found discarded around the cemetery.Four People have been arrested.

Although the owner “Perpetua Inc” reported the scandal they have been not given public answers about their role in the matter.

Recently operations at the Cemetery had to cease due to lack of funds.

This is a cemetery and burial disaster|Scandal of the worst type.

Snippet from the Southtown Star

This morning a group of 15 lawyers representing Szabelski, the sheriff, Burr Oak owner Perpetua Inc. and others were in court for a hearing on the issue.

A judge agreed to give Szabelski $50,000 from the still-frozen accounts with which to continue his work Burr Oak.

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