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22 Aug

Blog+Image_sized_oldgateIn the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal the owners have been consistently absent. This has upset the Cemetery Oversight Task Force set up by Governor Pat Quinn. The President of Perpetua, Inc. Melvin Z. Byrant has called the situation at Burr Oak Cemetery “despicable” but no one has come on the scene to take responsibility for the situation.

From the Chicago Sun Times:

“Perpetua officers won’t speak to reporters. A public relations firm hired to field inquiries did not return phone or e-mail requests this week.”

Perpetua’s current directors:

Melvin Bryant as president and chief executive officer

Felix Villalba   director

Judy Romlin,  director.

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More information on Perpetua, Inc here

You can find out more and get help and more information on  the Burr Oak Cemetery here:

Cook County Sheriff’s website:www.burroak.net

Burr oak cemetery pic from religion dispatches.org


2 Responses to “Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal|Perpetua-owner absent-yourfuneralguy”

  1. rsixftunder August 23, 2009 at 11:06 am #


    I agree the lack of response and “ownership” over this problem is telling, and the fact they did blow the whistle on this and then disappeared is curious.
    At first, when I read your thread on this, I thought maybe they were asked to stand down during the investigation, but if the Cemetery Oversight Committee is asking where they are, then that calls my first impression into question. I have watched this story unfold, and have purposely remained quiet on it, feeling there is more to come, and maybe I need more information before I respond. It is time Perpetua step up to the microphone and answer the question, “where are you in this and why aren’t you more engaged?”
    Too many companies, as you know, who own multiple locations spread out over the country, may or may not have excellent policies and procedures in place to prevent such occurrences as this. But most of those companies don’t have the appropriate people in place to insure their policies and procedures are being enforced on a day to day basis. For those who don’t have actual policies and procedures in place, there is help out here and there is no excuse. This should have been caught a very long time before it was.
    Every time something like this hits the national media, it frustrates everyone from the standpoint of all of this being avoidable. Avoidable for the families, the profession, the company involved.

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