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20 Aug

Blog+Image_sized_oldgateBurr Oak cemetery has laid off it’s staff and is out of cash. One lone  Cook county Sheriff’s vehicle has been seen inside the gate. This is so no authorized people enter the cemetery grounds.

In July 2009 it was discovered that 300 graves were desecrated. Human bones were discarded in piles at the cemetery. Over 50,000 inquiries were filed about deceased relatives who may have been illegally disinterred in the Burr Oak cemetery Scandal.

From  www.dailyherald.com

Roman Szabelski, an appointed receiver of Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, said he has not received any of the money he has asked for to operate the cemetery.

Burr Oak’s assets were frozen after four people were charged in the alleged grave-reselling scheme that authorities say stretched back at least five years and netted about $300,000. The cemetery’s remaining employees — six grounds workers and two office workers — were laid off Friday.

The latest news may delay the reopening of the cemetery evenmore. The cemetery remains closed.

The owners of the company Perpetua,  Inc fronted the money for the last payroll. They did not do that this time.

More information on Perpetua, Inc here

You can find out more and get help and more information on  the Burr Oak Cemetery here:

Cook County Sheriff’s website:www.burroak.net

Burr oak cemetery pic from religion dispatches.org

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