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17 Aug
Michael Jackson Burial to be 8.29.09?

Michael Jackson Burial to be 8.29.09?

Joe Jackson “Michael Jackson’s father” has stated that his burial is to be Aug 29th 2009. This is what Michael’s dad  recently told the New York Daily News. Earlier reports of secret “MJ Burial’s” appear to be false. However we will not know for sure until an amended Death Certificate is filed in LA. The last recorded death certificate has “pending” for the burial location.

Aug 29 th is Michael Jackson’s 51st Birthday. Joe Jackson stated that the Burial will take place at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills.

From the “New York Daily News“.

Michael Jackson will be buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles at 10 a.m. on Aug. 29 on what would have been the King of Pop’s 51st birthday, Joe Jackson told Steve Friess, the Daily News’ man in Las Vegas.

For now treat this as an unconfirmed report.
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