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4 Aug

Blog+Image_sized_oldgateBurr  Oak Cemetery in Alsip, Illinois is the location of the July 2oo9 Cemetery disaster where 300 graves were disturbed bodies dismembered, and bones discarded around the cemetery. The Cook County Sheriff  has the sight closed off as a crime scene.

The owners of Burr oak cemetery are PERPETUA HOLDINGS OF ILLINOIS, INC with Melvin Z. Byrant of Richardson Texas in charge. Perpetua Holdings is the Arizona company who is ultimately responsible. There address is 6614 E Villa Dorado Dr., Tucson, AZ 85715-4725 .

It does appear that Melvin Z. Byrant does not spend his time in Arizona. He has not bothered to show up in Illinois to face the community in the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal. This may not have been the wisest course of action.

It appears that  Byrant is staying close to his partners at Pacesetters Capital, Inc. He is an operating partner with Pacesetters Capital according to the website.( Melvin Z Bryant’s picture is here on their Website.) It would be safe to conclude that Pacesetters Capital has some Financial interest in  Melvin Z. Byrant and  Perpetua, Inc.

Perpetua  has caused so much heartache at Burr Oak Cemetery. Hopefully the  Perpetua company and their investors will make things right with the families that have loved ones at Burr Oak Cemetery. Restitution must happen.

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Melvin Byrant is named here because he is a responsible owner of Burr Oak Cemetery, named in several lawsuits and in the press.


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