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3 Aug

coryNow you can light a Candle for President “Cory” Aquino. You can do this online as prayer vigils take place in Manila.

You can do it after her burial as well. Many people these days are leaving online memorials or tributes.

Online memorials tributes,  condolences, can help individuals, a community, and a nation deal with grief.

Thousands of people lined the streets in Manila  in the Phillipines for the Motorcade procession to the Manila Cathedral.

You can participate by clicking here to light a candle for Cory Aquino

Snippet from From Bloomberg.Com

“Filipinos on Facebook changed their profile pictures to photos of Aquino, or yellow ribbons.”

If you have not changed your Facebook photo memorialize Cory, You can do that as well.


Funeral Industry| Funeral blog by Your Funeral Guy.

More Information:

Corazon “Cory” Aquino|Funeral Cortege Thousands Line Streets

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