Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal: the Sheriff’s Question:-YourFuneralGuy

2 Aug

Blog+Image_sized_oldgateThe Cook County Sheriffs question on Friday deeply troubles me.   Why did not anyone  speak up? The answer to the Sheriff’s question is quite frightening. But it is not entirely unexpected.

Below is Sheriff’s Dart’s question on Friday after discovering more atrocities.

Snippet From the ChicagoSunTimes:

“How in God’s name this industry has been able to get away with having virtually no regulation or enforcement all these years is mind-boggling,Dart said.”

The answer is we do not like to think of death. When a loved passes on we are forced to think about dying. We  think about  it for awhile and shove our thoughts to the back of the  head, or deep inside. This goes for everyone families, funeral directors, cemetery workers, politicians, and folks from all walks of life. Except when something like Burr Oak happens the wounds are ripped wide open.

iStock_000000089603SmallOn Friday it was reported that the Alsip police looked the other way. The politicians local and national looked the other way. I do not know the local politicos who turned their heads from Burr Oak Cemetery. Most probably did not know. But I am aware that Democratic and Republican leaders in Washington of the past and present  have strong ties to the the Funeral and Cemetery interests. We will explore this further. I have no problem giving names because others have mentioned them before.

About a year ago I wrote a Funeral Book and said that the way to not being ripped off by the industry is to “make em follow the rules.” Problem is most people, even the authorities and those in the industry,  do not have a firm grip on the rules(law). Cemetery workers have no professional training. Ethics classes in Mortuary Schools for Funeral directors  are lame.

I am not holding out for cemetery and funeral reform. Where were the funeral directors in the Burr Oak Scandal?Some had to notice graves were gone when they rolled in driving  their black  hearses? -They collected the big money, looked the other way and went home.

So where are the owners of Burr Oak? Their negligence is quite incomprehensible. They have been conspicuously absent for a reason.  The owners of Perpetua, Inc and the investors that put money in Perpetua, Inc looked the other way as well.

Funeral and Cemetery Scandal needs to stop. Many need to speak up now. The moment is here.

Funeral Industry|by Your ANGRY Funeral guy

You can get some help here: Cook County Sheriff’s website:www.burroak.net

Burr oak cemetery pic from religion dispatches.org


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