Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal:No term burials at Burr Oak-yourfuneralguy

31 Jul

iStock_000004382065XSmallThe good news is that Burr Oak cemetery did no term burials. This is according to cbs2 in Chicago. Term Burials or term graves as they are sometimes called are grave sites that are rented for 20 to 25 years. After that the headstone can be removed and a a grave sold on top of the older one. In this type of contract a new headstone can be placed.

It should be noted that caskets, bodies  and graves cannot be dug up without the family being notified. When it happens a Funeral Director has to be present.

The things that went on at Burr Oak Cemetery is an unspeakable crime.

Snippet from CBS2 local news

“Burr Oak Cemetery has never conducted term burials.

You can search for headstones at Burr Oak Cemetery here: www.burroak.net

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