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26 Jul

Will the Piling up of Bodies be a National Trend?

Will the Piling up of Bodies be a National Trend?

Bodies piling up at the Los Angeles and The Burr Oak Cemetery, near Chicago may become a national trend. It all goes back to the recession and people not having enough money to bury their Loved Ones. In LA the cremation of indigent loved ones is up 36%. People just cannot afford to pick up their dead.

In Illinois the State has suspended full funding of indigent burials and people are concerned that bodies may pile up there as well. The reality of the situation is that most funeral homes will not pickup the bill without significant reimbursement.

From the in Chicago:

“Just as cemetery owners are battling bad press from the Burr Oak’s scandal, where bodies were dug up so cemetery staffers could double-dip on grave sales, funeral directors find out the state is killing its tradition of paying for funerals of the poor.

The bodies are going to pile up, predicts Chris Wooldridge, President of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association, in a press release.”

“As the voice of funeral service in Illinois we are gravely concerned this scenario will become a reality,” Wooldridge warns.

The recession has many funeral homes and funeral directors struggling. The situation is made worse in Illinois by the Illinois Funeral Directors Preneed Ponzi.Scheme.

A case can be made that bodies will pile up at cemeteries as well.
Funeral Director and new IFDA President Chris Woodridge knows all about the pile ups.
Funeral Industry|Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy.


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