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22 Jul

2nd Cemetery Sued For Grave digging like Burr Oak

2nd Cemetery Sued For Grave digging like Burr Oak

A second Illinois Cemetery has been sued in the Cook County Court for unauthorized grave digging. In a similar type of lawsuit to those in the  Burr Oak Cemetery scandal. The cemetery is Mount Glenwood Memorial Gardens.

The family filed suit to exhume the bodies of 2 relatives to see if they are still in the correct burial plots. The  cemetery is also known as Glenwood Cemetery. There is no evidence of burial plot reselling.  Cemetery management says it is all about a missing headstone, but a  party next to the  lawsuit grave site said they were told there loved ones grave was empty.

From nwitimes.com

“Chiquita Ratcliffe, Phyllis Pearson and Zechariah Thomas III allege Mount Glenwood Memory Gardens South, at 18301 E. Glenwood Thornton Road, improperly interred or improperly disinterred the bodies of two family members. They discovered the missing headstone while visiting the family plot in late June.”

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