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20 Jul

Illinois Flag CloseupState of Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes recently stated that more Funeral|Cemetery Regulation is needed in Illinois. He stated  that a  Regulator in the State of Illinois needs to be empowered.

He defended his role in the Illinois Funeral Directors Association(IFDA)Ponzi Scheme saying he did a good job based upon his regulator Authority. Hynes suggested that the that either his office or the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation should regulate cemeteries.

Funeral Directors in Illinois are quite upset with the Comptroller for the way he handled the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Mess.

Some Funeral Home are out millions. Others may be forced out of business. Funeral Directors are especially upset about his agrreement with Merrill Lynch(18 million) with a get out of Jail Free Card.

In part this is a reaction to the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal.

From the State Journal Register

“Hynes said there are gaps in state law regulating the cemetery and funeral industries. And he said regulating the death industry might not be a good fit for the comptroller, whose central mission is maintaining the state’s financial records and issuing checks.

The comptroller issues licenses to cemeteries and to funeral homes that sell pre-need funeral contracts to the public.”

Should the Comptroller regulate Cemeteries….Will regulation raise or lower funeral cost?

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