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18 Jul

Join the Memorial and light a candle for Walter Cronkite

Join the Memorial and light a candle for Walter Cronkite

Now you can light a candle for the most trusted man in America, the News Anchor Walter Cronkite.The man who took the world through the  60’s, 70’s and can be memoralized on line. Perhaps you have attended a funeral and a prayer vigil where you lit a candle for someone who died.

We do have feelings for public figures who have impacted our lives. It especially important to resolve grief for these folks. It becomes especially important to share your memory and light a candle when a person has helped us through national tradegy. Go here to light a  candle and leave a memory for Walter Conkrite. You can also view his obituary at the same place.

Walter Cronkite took America through D-Day, WWII, Presidential elections, the JFK assasination, the heroism of MLK, The Vietnam War, Landing a man on the moon, and much more. Walter was a big part of our history and our lives.

Be sure to leave a memory for the most trusted man  in a America.It will do your soul good and resolve your grief.

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When funeral information, pictures, videos, arrangements, service, services,  become available we will make this information available.

Walter Cronkite 2005 Broadcast pic from flickr under the Creative Commons license from Chris Seufert’s photostream

"And that's the way it was"

"And that's the way it was"


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