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17 Jul

Walter Cronkite in 2006

Walter Cronkite in 2006

Revealed here is a place to sign the Walter Cronkite Guest Book. Many times at a funeral an effective way to remember a person is to sign a guestbook. Now You can sign guest books on line for famous people or folks you know.

Here is a link to the Walter Cronkite Guest book. Leave your condolence on line. Walter Cronkite was known as the most trusted man in America.

As a young man I trusted Walter Cronkite to give me the news.  The JFK assassination, MLK, the space program, moon landing, watergate,  Nixon Resignation, Presidents, elections he gave us it all. Leaving condolences and signing a guest book is an effective way to deal with your grief.

Be sure to sign the guestbook.


Walter Cronkite Nov 4th 1916 to July17, 2009

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

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As Funeral Information, pictures, arrangements, plans, videos become available you can source it here.

Walter Cronkite Pic from Wikepedia


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