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17 Jul

Walter Cronkite (2006)

Walter Cronkite (2006)

Walter Cronkite the the first anchorman has died. Once considered the most trusted man in America. He broke the story of the death of JFK and showed great emotion on the air.

He was the cheerleader for the United States Space Program. Courageously he opposed the Vietnam war.

He accompanied the troops in the historic D-Day Invasion He participated in bombing runs over Germany, a member of the greatest generation.

He anchored the first 30 minute News broadcast. Always professional,, always prepared.

He was known for his high standards in journalism. He was an inspiration and loved by multiple generations.

The  CBS News Anchor will be missed.

Walter Cronkite Nov 4th 1916 to July17, 2009

He did the series “YOU ARE THERE” which i remember from school

“And that’s the way it is”


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There are no funeral arrangements or funeral service announced at this time.

Walter Cronkite Pic from Wikepedia

links to Funeral video will be post when it becomes available


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