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14 Jul

The Warnings Signs were there in the Burr Oak Burial Plot Scam

The Warnings Signs were there in the Burr Oak Burial Plot Scam

There were  warnings on the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal and burial plot Scam. Warnings in  books,blogs and the Newspapers. The mess and and heartache for surviving families could have been totally avoided. Just as we trusted Wall Street with self regulation so we have trusted the Funeral Industry to do the same. Right now the FBI is going over the cemetery site to begin cataloging desecrated remains.

Both acts of trust in self regulation  have proven to be a big mistake. No where is this more apparent than Illinois. In 2008 there was the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Preneed Trust Scandal. In 2009 we now have the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal, in Alsip, Illinois

The Chicago Tribune did a May 29 2009 article warning about excessive complaints at the  Burr Oak Alsip cemetery.

This blog and others have warned about a coming funeral industry disaster

The book Rest in Peace Insider’s Tips to the Low Cost Less Stress Funeral has  an entire chapter on the perils of prepaying funerals.

Funeral Industry|Funeral Blog by Your Funeral Guy

More information

White House Reverses itself on First Lady’s Father’s Remains at Burr Oak Cemetery

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