Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal:Could Humans do this?-yourfuneralguy

13 Jul

Chicago Area is the site of the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal

Chicago Area is the site of the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal

Here is the latest in  the Burr Oak Cemetery Scandal coming out of the Chicago Area. It is reported that the pile of bones may have the remains of up to 300 humans.

300 Loved ones.

300 Families.

In some ways it is like scenes from the  gas chambers of Nazi Germany. It raises the question. COULD HUMAN BEINGS HAVE DONE THIS?

Jesse Jackson said that those responsible deserve a a special place in hell.


From the Dallas News.

“The former cemetery manager, a foreman, a dump-truck operator and back-hoe operator have been each charged with one count of dismembering a human body.”


The Folks allegedly responsible were named in the press both the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Examiner


The Chicago Tribune posted the pictures of those arrested for body dismemberment

Still they are innocent till proven guilty.

Funeral Industry|Funeral blog by Your Funeral Guy.

Burr Oak Cemetery is located in Alsip, outside Chicago in the State of Illinois.

Forensic experts face the difficult task of going through a pile of bones and putting human bodies back together.

This is posted in correction to a  previous post that had the wrong name of the cemetery.-apologies


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