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8 Jul

iStock_000007907470XSmallA funeral home whistle blower who spoke to the Washington Post has been fired. A worker at National Funeral Home in  VA   who exposed  VETERANS CORPSE ABUSE has been terminated.Service Corporation continues to build a case that its a uncaring funeral corporation.

Veteran corpse abuse hurts veterans and their families. It shows disrespect from the dead and the living. All this from the World’s Largest Funeral Corporation Service Corporation International, SCI, NYSE:SCI.

From the Washington Post:

“A National Funeral Home employee who publicly supported allegations that the company was mishandling bodies at its Falls Church facility was fired last week for speaking to the media, he and his attorney said.”

My Opinion: SCI does not know when to stop with it’s abusive actions towards the dead, their employees and their families.The National Funeral Home Scandal goes on and on.

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