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5 Jul
You can no longer get tickets to Worlds Largest Memorial Service.

You can no longer get tickets to Worlds Largest Memorial Service.

Tickets to Michael Jackson's Memorial Service will be issued in pairs.

Tickets to Michael Jackson's Memorial Service will be issued in pairs.

1.6 million folks applied for tickets to the Michael Jackson Memorial Service. The total tickets available 17,500.Billions of people are expected to view the live broadcast of the Michael Jackson Memorial Service. Billions more will watch ithe streaming video on the internet. This event will be the world’s largest funeral.

From www.telegraph.co.uk/

“The lottery has now closed and applications were received at a rate of around 50,000 per hour, or more than 800 per minute. That equates to more than 13 applications per second.”

Many expect the memorial service to be a concert. this will be a funeral service. There will be reverence and spiritual symbols.

Just what spiritual symbols will be  be up front and center we do not know.  Michael Jackson was brought up a Jehovahs Witness but recently converted to Islam. Remember Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine has final say in the event.

It will be interesting to see what the worlds largest funeral service will be like.

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Staples Center Pic From Flickr under the Creative commons license  zerega’s photostream

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