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1 Jul
The Michael Jackson Funeral will not be held at Neverland Ranch

The Michael Jackson Funeral will NOT be held at Neverland Ranch

The one thing that frustrates a funeral director when making funeral arrangements is a family that keeps changing its mind on the funeral. This appears to be what is happening in the Michael Jackson Funeral.

It is clear that some of the Michael Jackson Family wanted the public Funeral at The Neverland Ranch.

A Visitation will not occur there. A Memorial Service for the public will not happen at Neverland.

Although the family had somehow gotten the Santa Barbara Sheriff, CHP and other law enforcement officials to cooperate, the Funeral will not take place at the Neverland Ranch.


Snippet from:

From TMZ.com

— it won’t be until next week– it will not be at Neverland– it will be in the L.A. area, and the Staples Center…. hasn’t been decided.

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Neverland Ranch Pic from Flickr undr the Creative Commons license from  TunnelBug’s photostream

Jackson Art Work from flickr under the Creative Commons license  from

life As Art’s photostream



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