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30 Jun

626315103_5beb5f9815(2)Reports have come in that the there will be a Michael Jackson Funeral at Neverland Ranch On Sunday July 5th 2009. Reports state that the body of Michael Jackson will be driven 10: 00 am in a 30 car processional Thursday.

The drive will be 90 miles into the hills . The procession will cause logistic and security problems. A Visitation will happen on Friday or Saturday.

The family was not reached for comment on these developments.

Multiple police forces will be involved in the motorcade. The Funeral Home and Funeral Director has not been revealed.

From www.dailymail.co.uk

Michael Jackson’s body will be driven by a 30-car motorcade to to his Neverland Ranch for a public viewing later this week. A private service for family and close friends is then expected to be held this Sunday.

The public viewing is likely to be held at the Californian ranch on Friday or Saturday.It is believed the motorcade will set off from Los Angeles at around 10am on Thursday.”

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Michael Jackson Hollywood walk of fame star pic from flickr under the creative commons license sharona790’s photostream



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