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29 Jun

Michael Jackson will have a  Private and Public Funerals

Michael Jackson will have a Private and Public Funerals

Michael Jackson”s funeral will be both public and private. There will be Michael Jackson Funerals. This is according to the  both the Reverend Al Sharpton and Michael Jackson’s(MJ) brother Tito.

Reports state that Michael Jackson’s body has been at a secret mortuary under armed guard..

Funeral arrangement talks are said to involve the police, as tens of thousands of mourners will show up in the street for the private funeral as well as public celebrations.

The city of Los Angeles is involved with the funeral arrangements because of street closings.

From www.telegraph.co.uk/

“Final plans for Michael Jackson’s funeral were being made by his family as they consider both a private service and a public one for his fans. Jackson’s brother Tito disclosed that they are looking at this as an option. The services are expected to take place later this week.

The Rev Al Sharpton, the civil rights leader, has met with the Jackson family and is helping to co-ordinate the arrangements. Sharpton said he had spoken to Jackson’s father Joe
and they were also considering several global events to celebrate the life of the singer.

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