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28 Jun
Michael Jackson will have global Funeral

Michael Jackson will have global Funeral

A global Funeral is expected for Michael Jackson. Hundreds of Thousands of Folks are expected to line the streets of Los Angeles, perhaps even more than the 250,000 who showed up for Princess Diana’s Funeral.

The Michael Jackson Funeral will be global in so many different ways.

Celebrities from around the globe will be making there way to Los Angeles for the MJ private funeral.

Fans from around the world will come to Los Angeles to take part of in the celebration there.

Spontaneous Memorial services are expected to take place around the world.

According to Fox News The Jackson Family is making Funeral Arrangements in such away as to make simultaneous global celebrations around the United States and the world.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are assisting with these efforts.

626315103_5beb5f9815(2)From www.sundaymail.co.uk

“THE Jacksons gathered last night for the saddest of family reunions – to prepare for one of the biggest funerals in history. Hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world are expected to line the streets of Los Angeles.

The funeral is likely to eclipse Elvis Presley’s 1977 send-off when 75,000 people lined the streets of Memphis.

It could even be bigger than Princess Diana’s when 250,000 gathered at London’s Hyde Park to pay their last respects in 1997.”

Michael Jackson Hollywood walk of fame star pic from flickr under the creative commons license

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  1. kathik.raj April 13, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

    pop star is a great person around the world seems great musican & dancer thanks a lot i remember forever let god help u come up again !!!

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