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8 Jun

With unemployment high folks are taking to scattering ashes for money. Now all kinds of folks are doing this.

All Kinds of Folks are entering the Ashes Scatering

All Kinds of Folks are entering the Ashes Scattering Biz Ashes are scattered after the cremation process is complete.

Entering  Funeral Scattering  biz around the country are Funeral Directors and others. Crematories, Funeral homes,  boat owners, small plane operators and naturalists are all participating. It is all happening by air, land and sea.

From the Bend Bulliten

Rusty Wilkerson, the owner of Wing and a Prayer, uses his 1947 Stinson to scatter ashes over a place that held significance to the deceased.

“There are a lot of people that want the service, but they’re still alive. That poses a problem.”

It does if you have a business scattering people’s cremated remains from an airplane, says Randal “Rusty” Wilkerson, a 46-year-old pilot living in Bend.

When I practiced as a funeral director in Virginia, directors on their days off would scatter ashes by air, and sea for money.

Consider Scattering Ashes when doing a funeral arrangement. Instead of hiring someone it just may be scatter the ashes of your loved one yourself. It will save you money.

Funeral Industry| Funeral Blog by your Funeral Guy- R Brian Burkhardt, author


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