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31 May
In one year the Illinois Funeral Directors Association will be gone

In one year the Illinois Funeral Directors Association will be gone

It s Bad and Sad for the Illinois Funeral Directors Association They are hanging on to the past when they should be looking to the future. The Grim Reaper is staring down face of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association.

First, the Illinois Funeral Directors association  is not willing to change. They have chosen a poor and good old boys lineup of speakers for their Convention.

Randall L Earl-The Embattled NFDA Executive Secretary- has brought the Organization down, he has been Named in 4 lawsuits. There is evidence that this former IFDA President started the decline of the IFDA Preneed Trust. He may have fraudulently setup the Museum of Funeral Customs. If there is to be a new IFDA he should be let nowhere near the Convention center let alone the podium.

IFDA, NFDA Leaders contributed to the Demise

IFDA, NFDA Leaders and Merrill Lynch contributed to the Demise

Jeffrey L. ByranAccording to the convention brochure: Jeff  works with the Merrill Lynch guys. Why have someone speak who is in with the folks taking your organization down?

James D. Bosma– The current IFDA President is also named in 4 Lawsuits. He said in the 2009  “IFDA Yearbook”  Common sense and plain dealing…..I believe that the mistakes of the past. were honest mistakes” Honest mistakes do not result in 4 lawsuits multigovernmental investigations, and months of negative press. (Source: the convention Brochure and the Yearbook)

The Comptroller and other State of Illinois regulators have contributed to the IFDA demise.

The Comptroller and other State of Illinois regulators have driven nails in to the IFDA coffin.

Second, they are facing an almost  10 million dollar payment demand from The Comptroller of the State of Illinois.

Check  this out in the State Journal Article: Hynes demands $10M from funeral directors

Third the COMPTROLLER of the STATE of Illinois has taken over the administration of an 18 million dollar semicriminal settletment with Merrill Lynch.  The Funds belong to the IFDA Preneed Trust,the citizens of the state and the funeral homes who sold the policies. This infuriates funeral directors in the State.

Read: “Merrill Lynch agrees to settle funeral fund case for $18M

For these reasons and others the Illinois Funeral Directors Association  will soon check out for good. The IFDA will be gone. They will layoff everyone.

“My prediction is that the Illinois Funeral directors association  will be out of business by this time next year.”-yourfuneralguy

The lesson here for Consumers in Illinois is to avoid IFDA Preneed, for funeral directors start over, elect good leaders.

There will be no new Funeral Directors Association in Illinois this year, 2009.

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