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30 May
Colorado Funeral Directors will soon need a license but Home funerals can still be done by citizens.

Colorado Funeral Directors will soon need a license but Home funerals can still be done by citizens.

Colorado is a state where you can be the funeral director. The average person there can conduct a funeral, if you follow the rules. Starting July 1st, 2009 Funeral Directors will have to follow the rules as well.  All Funeral Directors will have to have a state license.

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No, you don’t need to use a funeral home or purchase a casket there, said Steffani Blackstock, executive director of the Colorado Funeral Directors Association and administrator for the Colorado Funeral Service Board.”

If families are up to it, and some have been, they can perform the functions of a funeral director, including notifying the coroner, filing the death certificate and handling arrangements for the service.“-Director of Colorado Funeral Directors Association.

As  all states laws require, standards of  funeral service must be followed.

You can get assistance with the standards and laws at the Colorado Funeral Directors Association’s web site.

Colorado has been the only state not to  require licenses in the funeral  industry for over 20 years A  law passed by the  Colarado Legislature  to take effect July 1 after being signed by the governor brings licensing to the State of Colorado.

Families still  are not  required  by law  to use funeral homes. Home Funerals are  still welcomed.


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As of July 1st you will have  to have a funeral license in Colarado to be a funeral director. Folks are not required to be a funeral director and can do a home funeral. You have to however follow the rules mentioned at the Colorado’s Funeral  Directors association’s web site.

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