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28 May
Weddings may be taking place in cemeteries and funeral homes in the near future.

Weddings may be taking place in cemeteries and funeral homes in the near future.

Now you can do more than lower the cost of your funeral at a cemetery. You can lower your the cost of your wedding as well.  Cemeteries and funeral homes have been reported to be  an  alternative spot for weddings.

In a Milwaukee  Sentinel l Journal Article a  Stewart Enterprises  Employee said:

Funerals are becoming much more a celebration of life than a dark event, so why not have your wedding at a funeral home?” said Denise Westerfield, spokeswoman for Stewart Enterprises Inc., which operates Wisconsin Memorial Park and about 360 funeral homes and cemeteries across the nation.

Brookfield city officials say there is nothing stopping the park from holding weddings and baptisms in its original Great Memorial Building, the mausoleum with a church-like Chapel of the Chimes where the Jessweins wed.”

Stewart Enterprises, Inc (STEI) and Service Corporation International(NYSE: SCI) may do well to enter this market. There cemetery sales are in a deep black hole since the economic downturn began.

If these guys enter this market they soon would be able to offer Americans affordable funerals. Funeral Corporations  small and large being stuck  in  an unrealistic traditional funeral model may not be able to make this change.

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