Six Suing ILLINOIS Funeral Directors Start Own Trade Association?-YourFuneralGuy.

27 May
Six Suing Funeral Directors Seem to have started their own Trade Association.

Six Suing Funeral Directors Seem to have started their own Trade Association.

(updated June 5th 2009.)

May 27th 2009, It appears that the six Funeral Director Lawsuit Guys have started their own new Funeral Director Association.

Whether it will live or die who can tell? All signs do indicated the IFDA(Illinois Funeral Directors Association) is going to the Grave.

It is not clear what they (IFSA) are up to but they are up to something.  The names are at the New Website are:

Alex Calvert Calvert Funeral Homes

Jeffrey M. Dames, Fred C. Dames Funeral Homes

Tom Dean, McCracken-Dean Funeral Homes

Todd Dean, Bass Patton Dean Funeral Homes

Tim Gernon, Clancy-Gernon Funeral Homes

Steve Knapp, Knapp Funeral Homes

The measure of funeral ministry is not in the words spoken, but in our conduct, on behalf of the families  we are privileged to serve.”

Author Known-QUOTE FROM THE NEW IFSA Website

Their Organization is called THE IFSA

I have it on authority that these folks are E-mailing IFDA members around the State. I received an E- Mail from the Six Funeral directors above.


Don’t Rush to join their association. Some of those above  bringing  the lawsuit are anything but ministerial in their approach.( This statement  is based on the information below and personal experience with 2 of the 6 funeral homes.) to Funeral Service- Old School Funeral Homes with OLD SCHOOL WAYS seeking your money-see note at end of post.

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NOTE: The Funeral Homes recently, secretly (May22nd 2009) filed another Lawsuit benefiting only themselves against  various Merrill Lynch organizations.

Historical note a nearby state to Illinois had  similar a funeral Director Association split.

Six funeral diirectors and funeral homes are mentioned here because they have filed two Lawsuits. and named themselves at the IFSA website. They Put the information out there for all the world to see.

Your Funeral Guy Can be reached at 630-386-7403 for information on this sensitive post)


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