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26 May
Illinois Funeral Directors lawsuit to be amended.

Illinois Funeral Directors lawsuit to be amended.

The Six Funeral Director’s Lawsuit Calvert Funeral homes  “COMPLAINT” is expected to be amended on May 30th 2009. There is suppose to be to have a Status hearing on July 7th 2009.

On those those dates we will find out more on the depositions in the lawsuits, the effect of the settlement with Merrill Lynch and Regulators, and legislative proposals and the lawsuit.

The significance of all this in 2009 is that there will not be a resolution to the IFDA ponzi Scheme Scandal Soon. Sadly there will be no “NEW IFDA” in 2009 as some claim is about to happen on July 1st 2009.

The National Funeral Directors Association continues to  so stand behind the controversial  Executive Secretary Randall L Earl who is deeply involved in this Scandal.

Losses in the IFDA Trust  will continue to  have funeral costs rise in Illinois due to this deficit.

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Wexler Wallace Website for

“Wexler Wallace filed Plaintiffs’ Derivative Complaint on January 28, 2009.  The case is set to have a status hearing on July 7, 2009.  An Amended Complaint will be filed by May 30, 2009”

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