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Funeral Home Bankrupcy is Here |Illinois Threatened-yourfuneralguy

17 May

Will Funeral Homes turn to Bankruptcy?

Will Funeral Homes turn to Bankruptcy?

Funeral Home Bankruptcy is here with the Economic Downturn. Funeral home bankruptcy is being reported in the press. According to one Press Report Funeral Home owners in Illinois are fearing this due to the Illinois Funeral Directors Association(IFDA Preneed Trust) Ponzi Scheme /Scandal.

Now Funeral Homes in Fear of Bankrupcy can be a help to the funeral consumer. Funeral homes in this economy are much like, thr car dealerships, newspapers, insurance companies, the banks and the wall street folks who are seeking a bailout.

They want to do  business with you so should  be able to negotiate a lower cost funeral with excellent merchandise and services. One should be able to negotiate below the average cost of a funeral.

Generally, Funeral Home Bankruptcy or closures are kept quiet. When Scandal is the cause of funeral home closure, the scandal  is not reported but not the bankruptcy. Many times a Funeral home that goes out of business is picked up by a competitor so no actual bankruptcy is reported in reference to the funeral home.

Recent reports of Funeral Home bankruptcy are below.

WEST VIRGINIA,”Preston County-Based Funeral Home Chain Files for Bankruptcy”at

GEORGIA-“Dent’s Funeral Home Owner Speaks Out-It was another day at a bankruptcy hearing for the owner of Dent’s Funeral Home“

In Illinois, a recent article reported fear of bankruptcy was  reported in reference to the Illinois  Funeral Directors Association Scandal. Quote on the

“The dispute has led to lawsuits and fears of bankruptcy from funeral directors.“-Springfield, Il State Journal Register, Springfield, Illinois.

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