Revealed Comment on Illinois Funeral scam,-Your Funeral Guy

30 Apr
Funeral Scandal in the land of Lincoln-Illinois

A significant comment was made on last blog post.

“Funeral Guy and Friends,
The plot thickens here in the good ole’ Land of Lincoln.

Regarding the article in the Springfield State Journal-Register the comment from the AARP consumer advocacy lady Nancy Nelson. It would pay Ms. Nelson to do her homework on the facts of the IFDA Trust debacle. She obviously hasn’t a clue what went on and what is going on. She needs to know that we in Illinois do not need any additional oversight, because that is in place and suppose to be done by Dan Hynes and Company (Cemetery Care and Burial Trust Div.) at the Comptrollers Office, who still has some answering to do to those of out here who suffered substantial losses by not notifying us immediately when they saw the potential disaster awaiting us.

Funeral Corruption in Illinois

Funeral Corruption in Illinois

No doubt the Illinois Funeral and Burial Funds Act needs a serious update. Placing it under the watch of additional regulatory agency(s) IS NOT THE ANSWER. If all of the critics will remember IFDA sent us F.H. owners and account holders earning statements. while Schainker, Dixon, and the Fraternal Brothers and Sisters of the “Secret Society” (Board Members) were playing “Let’s Get The Commissions” of converting cash to insurance and placing us at risk.

It has been said by Hynes’ Office that he felt the Cemetery Care and Burial Trust Div. of his office needed to be regulated by another entity like the div. of insurance or banks and Trusts under the the Department of Finance and Profession Regulation. A Idea I tend to agree with, however I might prefer the IL Secretary of States Office. Anyway, that doesn’t matter right now, Change IS coming, to borrow a line from Mr. O’bama.

I’m going to ask a favor of you and to back off your harsh comments of Duane Marsh. He is walking though a mine field of issues and is being somewhat misguided by the remaining board members of IFDA who have chosen to ignore several resignation requests by it’s membership and stayed on for spite. In the very near future IFDA will have new people (hopefully) in place to try to set a new course and direction for IFDA, and the very people who deserve it, the membership and the families they serve. I think he is calling NFDA to ask for help in getting copies of Trust laws from throughout the land. Maybe Mr. Earl (Randall L Earl, NFDA executive secretary)offered his help, being the all important person he believes himself to be. Just what does Mr. Earl bring to the table of funeral service anyway??? I have yet to hear him speak at meetings of IFDA functions or show any leadership skills that tell me there is a true leader. That old saying comes to mind, “If you can’t dazzle ‘em with brilliance baffle ‘em with B.S.”.

I’ve missed something about our friend Mr. Earl. I see you have him as being is three lawsuits. I know of the Consumer Class Action and the Derivative Suit, what is the third if I can ask?

I just wonder when a Federal Grand Jury is going to take a look at this ordeal.

Thanks for the opportunity to express my thoughts.

Marsellus M710″

IFDA=Illinois Funeral Directors Association

NFDA=National Funeral Directors Association

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One Response to “Revealed Comment on Illinois Funeral scam,-Your Funeral Guy”

  1. marsellusm710 May 3, 2009 at 3:47 pm #

    Funeral Guy and Friends,
    I would like to direct your attention to a press release that I found on the Illinois Comptrollers website trying to find the SB1682 in its entirety as it has not been posted on the IL legislative site over the weekend. Funeral Guy, you need to link this to your blog, please.

    Anyway, I read the news release from his (Hynes) office dated 4/30/09, and I owe an apology to Nancy Nelson of AARP. she states and I quote “Pre-paying for a funeral in Illinois shouldn’t mean buyer beware” she further states “AARP strongly supports efforts to improve consumer protections and put an end to fraudulent and abusive practices in the pre-pay funeral industry”. I tip my hat to her for still having confidence in the majority of us who do our jobs. I made an error in judging her on her comments.

    Had her comments in this release been in the Springfield State Journal-Register as such, I probably would not have reacted like I did to her comments as quoted in the SJ-R, nothing against Mr. Rushton, who has been very fair to us in funeral service in his articles and has done a great job in covering the issues.

    I hope all of the consumer groups understand that it was the failure of a the Cemetery Care and Burial Trust Div. of Hynes’ office who oversees the funeral and burial funds act , to act properly and swiftly against the third party / Corporate fiduciary under its watch when its auditors knew it was tanking and allowing more time for the financial catastrophe. If they would have called it when they saw it, It could have been dealt with better because the write down would have been less, and we could have had a housecleaning at IFDA sooner.

    The Comptroller wants to punish us who have $500,000.00 in trust under a trustee license from his office and managed those funds well. ( and kept those funds from the IFDA Services, Inc’s. portfolio), are being penalized and not allowed to have any in house control of any funds. No skin off my hide really, someone else gets to compile the report for me come next March 15 to turn in to Mr. Hynes’ office. The good business people loose another rein in having direct control of the investment of funds due to the actions of a few.

    IL Rep. Lisa Dugan (D) of Bradley, IL wants to “act quickly to to put these important consumer protections in place”. I say not so fast, sister!
    If the opportunity to overhaul the whole Funeral and Burial Funds Act is before us, I say lets take line by line and truly overhaul and fix it. It still lacks some protections and teeth on the front end of the act, where most infractions occur, as Mr. Wm. McNary of the Citizen Action/Illinois points out. Mr. Hynes state in the release that “his office will push for additional reforms….”. there are some other loopholes that need addressing.
    There is a newly formed House Funeral and Burial Pre-Arrangement Investigation Task Force that needs to be heard from. My biggest concern as a funeral home owner is that there will be a piling on of unnecessary regulation.

    Rushing this legislation through is nothing short of having Mr. Hynes look good for his potential run at the Governors office or U.S. Senator. I really wish someone would take him to task on the actions of his people not to respond to the crisis sooner. Can you say ACCOUNTABILITY? As I have said before, had any one funeral home entity done harm to its’ Trust accounts, his office would have been on it like flies on stink and placed in receivership, no questions asked. It sounds like I’m taking a verbal swing at the Comptroller. Not really, I just would like to know why he and his people in the CCBT Div. didn’t respond to their discovery sooner. In the IOC’s defense though, I’m sure the former Attorney for the IFDA Board, Mr. Cullen and former Ex.Dir. Mr. Dixon kept them at bay along with the others in the IFDA hierarchy. (Cook’n the Books ENRON Style)

    I can live with the proposed changes. We all knew this would be coming. It is still a hindsight, knee jerk reaction.


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