Now Swine Flu Pandemic or Panic|WHO says what?

26 Apr
Swine Flu|Pandemic or Panic?

Swine Flu|Pandemic or Panic?

The world health organization (WHO) has put the planet as halfway there to a pandemic. Medical leaders around the world are on the alert. They have good reason. The Virus that is spreading among humans has never been seen before. Government leaders in the USA barely mentioned that in their news briefing Sunday. They did not mention that the virus, is a combination of swine, bird, and human flu viruses.

Sounds like a B Horror flick. WHO says were at the one half mark to Pandemic. Check out their website on Epidemic Alert and Response.

Google has provided a moment by moment swine flu map. and Bloomberg.Com is doing updates on an initial story.

It is sort of like saying the US Military is on alert. There may not be a crisis. It is the end of the flu season which is a good thing. One could say the world medical community is on alert.

One would not be honest if this was not mentioned. The source could be giant pig factories in Mexico. This virus can also be created easily in the lab. Terrorism may be a possibility. Mexico maybe a Terrorist Target to distract the government there from Drug wars. Do not expect to hear about the clandestine side of the situation. You can read more about Pandemic-Spread&Panic here.

Pray that it will not be like 1918 where 41 million people died and funeral directors became involved.

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