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25 Apr

When calling others to honesty it is best to be sure you are honest with your self. Overall I oppose preneed because of abuses. One State is very effective in regulating  preneed. New York, unlike Illinois does not allow prearranged funds to be put in life insurance policies. All of the funds given to the funeral director are placed in trust  for the  individual.

New York has good laws when it Comes to Funeral Preneed.

New York has good laws when it Comes to Funeral Preneed.

According to the State Journal Register a Spring field Illinois Newspaper.

“Unlike in Illinois, where pre-need funeral trust funds have been spent on complex life insurance policies and some money ended up in the stock market, New York funeral directors have no fancy investments. There are no astronomical returns, no dizzying losses, no salesmen pitching funeral directors on can’t-miss investment schemes in hopes of collecting commissions.”

New York is one of the few in the United States that has good preneed Law. Bonnie McCullough of  the New York Funeral Directors Association Director has stated that guaranteed preneed is no longer realistic for the Funeral Director.

Sadly most  average Americans are generally shocked now that their Funeral Prices cannot be guaranteed.

Because our financial and investment systems are changing No LONGER Can a Preneed Salesman  or the Funeral Director say the classic preneed line  that most boomers have often heard.

“We will lock in today’s prices for your funeral. You will not have to pay more than what it costs today”

Guaranteed  Preneed is dead. Anyone in the funeral business who tells you different is lying. In the present environment, Funeral Directors must take Extraordinary steps NOW to be sure that they and their sales people present the truth. Because the slogan was repeated so long and in hard sell the funeral consumer is not going to like what they should hear.

For most consumers in the USA Funeral preneed should be avoided. A Preplanned Funeral however is a must.

All I can say is shame on the Illinois Funeral Directors and the Leaders mentioned here who got greedy with the IFDA Preneed Trust.

R. Brian Burkhardt.|Your Funeral Guy.

Those leaders mentioned here are: NFDA Executive Secretary. Randal L Earll, Geoffrey W. Hurd, Eric R. Trimble.and Charles S. Childs Jr. They have been  spoken to the press and covered in the press. They are named in IFDA lawsuits.


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  1. Pre planned funeral January 12, 2017 at 6:41 pm #

    I think the putting the funds in a trust for the individual is a brilliant idea. Instead of funds at an insurance company the exact amount is there to handle the wishes of the deceased.

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