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21 Apr
The World's Largest Cemetery Corporation ripped Memorials from a Veterans grave site without notifying the family.

The World's Largest Cemetery Corporation ripped Memorials from a Veterans grave site without notifying the family.

“A Evansville Indiana Veterans  family has been mistreated by Service Corporation International(SCI). SCI is the World’s Largest  Funeral and Cemetery Corporation. Twice in one month SCI has been  exposed disrespecting the dead. Soldiers who die in  Military Conflict deserve a sacred honor.

It is hard to take. This time SCI removed sacred memorials attached to a grave stone of a soldier who died in Iraq. This all happened at Alexander Memorial Park in Evansville, Indiana. The article appeared at the courierpress.com.

It seems that SCI does not find it hard to mistreat Veterans Families. Earlier the month SCI was caught abusing Veterans Corpses at the Falls Church, Virginia National Funeral Home. This all went down in the midwest  in Evansville, Indiana. The title of the article in Evansville, Indiana’s Courier & Press sums what the SCI Cemetery did. “Mementos stripped from Grave In fact an IRAQ veteran’s mother’s memories were actually ripped from the grave site.

Snippet From the Article: Peggy “Hammond  vowed to turn the grave at Alexander Memorial Park on Evansville’s West Side into a welcoming refuge where family and friends could escape their grief: She set up small flags, placed a few personal mementos nearby and attached decals by Pfender’s name.

For more than three years, it worked, with friends, family and Hammond visiting frequently and finding comfort there, she said.”

But about two weeks ago, she arrived to find all of the items gone…..”

The Sad thing is that Peggy Hammond had spent &45,000 Dollars on the Grave Site Memorial.

The SCI Cemetery removed the memorials from the grave without no notice or Explanation to the Family!

It is no wonder that Service Corporations Cemetery operations were down 59% in the the last quarter of the year!

If you own NYSE: SCI stock you have a moral obligation to dump their stock!


There is a strong case for grave desecration here.

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