State Goverment plans to Enter the Funeral Business-Your Funeral Guy.

14 Apr
Cremated Ashes are being put to rest in Forest Preserves in Texas for a fee.

Cremated Ashes are being put to rest in Forest Preserves in Texas for a fee.

State Government has plans to enter the Funeral Industry. It is happening in Texas. It is all part of an effort to raise money for the purchase of conservation land.

The agency. The Parks and Wildlife Department in Texas plans to let folks let  cremated remains “Rest in Peace” in forest preserves for a fee. This may be a good lower cost funeral option for those who choose the less expensive “cremation option.” It is another bad sign for funeral directors who are seeing a decline in profits due to cremation.

According to

“Texas will cater to people concerned about environmental impacts of the “death-care industry,” Ted Hollingsworth, the agency’s director of land conservation, said in an interview.

“If tens of thousands of people want to take advantage of this opportunity annually, it could easily double the rate at which we’re adding lands to state parks,” Hollingsworth said.”

The impact of this will be huge on the $15 billion dollar funeral industry. It  will be even greater if other states follow the lead of Texas. With the economic downturn cremation is growing at a rapid rate. The Texas plan is a creative way to help  consumers with their cremations and funeral costs and state government at the same time.

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