Coming Funeral Business Bailout? from Treasury?-Your Funeral Guy.

9 Apr
Funeral Industry May get Traesury Bailout

Life Insurance Funeral Industry? May get a Bailout

As all of us know the banks and the auto industry have received huge pieces of  American Bailout out pie. But the  next guys to get bailouts-some of them are a part of the funeral industry.

It appears that Funeral Directors may get a DIRECT AND REAL GORVERNMENT BAILOUT(freebie). It may happen before the coming day of  bye bye bailout pie.

The US Treasury will be bailing out Life Insurance Companies soon. It is more than apparent that many in the funeral business work with life insurance companies.


“The Treasury Department has decided to extend bailout funds to a number of struggling life-insurance companies, helping an industry that is a lynchpin of the U.S. financial system, people familiar with the matter said.”

‘The department is expected to announce the expansion of the Troubled Asset Relief Program to aid the ailing industry within the next several days, these people said.”

It was also stated it would happen very soon in th 9:00 oclock  pm central time hour on Fox News April 8th 2009.

If you are a funeral owner and connected to a life  insurance company do not go out and have a a party yet.

The World’s Largest Funeral Corporation, Service Corporation International, which can be called (thanks to the AP)

” Criminal Veteran Corpse Abuser Corporation” is in line for this bailout.

They also have ties to many  Life insurance companies like SLAICO which  is connected to SCI Preneed.

If you are a Funeral home owner in order to get a life insurance bailout you will need the permission of the CEO and Chief of the USA(last week’s Saturday nite  live sketch). You may have to bow to the Oval office or the Treasury to get your money.

Be careful though you may end up working for Uncle Sam.

In spite of my sarcasm it really is going to happen.

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And I thought IFDA, MLBT, and IFDA meant bailout!

Article in reaction to “Funeral Industry Feeling  Six Feet Under

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