To Washington Post-Funeral Directors Did get a Bailout-Your Funeral Guy

7 Apr
Washington Post said Funeral Directors asked for a Bailout. They did not, but they got one in Illinois anyway.

Washington Post said Funeral Directors asked for a Bailout. They did not, but they got one in Illinois anyway.

Contrary to what your recent article says funeral directors did get a bailout, but they did not ask for one as a recent article seems to say.

From the The Washington Post Article and Video entitled “FUNERAL BUSINESS FEELING SIX FEET UNDER. BAILOUT?”

“So funeral directors did what everybody else does: They asked for a federal bailout. “We recognized that there may be a situation where a lot of folks who were displaced or unemployed might need some help in paying for their funerals,” John Fitch Jr., lobbyist for the National Funeral Directors Association”

First Funeral Directors in the article did not ask for a bailout as your article states, NFDA officials were asking for “stimulus help” for indigent  funerals(people in tough times) in the states, a noble cause to say the least. I would like to know what government leaders opposed that one.

That is were my defense of the National Funeral Directors Association Stops.

The funeral folks who got the INDIRECT  bailout were in Illinois.(Where Else?). The leaders of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association (IFDA)got a bailout via Merrill Lynch and the Bank of America  through US Treasury Funds. Note -The IFDA Trust lost 59 million in an alleged Ponzi Scheme.

Indirectly the IFDA – the Illinois Funeral Directors Association- AND THE FUNERAL INDUSTRY got a bailout.

This happened when Merrill Lynch Bank and Trust  (MLBOT)picked up the management of the IFDA Preneed Trust Fund announced  November 2008. Merill  later got a 10 billion bailout from the US TREASURY in December 2008.

After that Merrill Lynch got a bailout(purchase) from Bank of America which received an unthinkable amount of Money from the US Treasury in 2008 and 2009.

If all that money would not have been transferred the IFDA may have gone bankrupt which  still could happen. anyway.

Problem is THE IFDA PRENEED TRUST is an alleged PONZI SCHEME. That is the fund that  was BAILED OUT.

FYI Senator Roland Burris and the NFDA Executive Secretary Randall L Earl are involved in this mess in a big way.

Funeral Industry| Funeral Costs Blog By Your Funeral Guy.

Sources: Your Funeral Guy’s Political and Funeral Industry Experience, The Washington Post Article and Video.  Washington Posts Pic from Flickr Creative Commons License from:

krossbow’s photostream


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