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5 Apr
Demaine Funeral Home  an SCI location where Mr.Frederici wanted his father to go.

Demaine Funeral Home an SCI location where Mr.Frederici wanted his father to go.

News 4.05.09 The worlds largest funeral company(SCI) has been caught abusing the dead(AGAIN). This happened in the nations capitol and was reported in the Washington Post.

The story gets worse,  it appears that many of those families hurt were  military Veterans  headed for Arlington National Cemetery according to the report.

“Ronald Federici’s father, a retired Army colonel, had just died, and Federici wanted to escort his body to Demaine Funeral Home in Alexandria. But the driver who came to pick up the remains at the hospital said he wasn’t going to Demaine, he was going to some other place……Federici said, the foul odor of decomposition smacked him.” upon arrival at the other place.

It is a good thing that Mr Frederici followed the van to National Funeral Home in Falls Church,Va. It is always best for the consumer to check up on the Funeral Home and the Funeral director.

“Let’s just say that bodies were not  cared for properly, as  Mr.Frederici said:

The stench was horrific,” Federici, 53, said about the cooler. “Bodies were laying buck naked all over the place. There was no dignity whatsoever. It was disgusting, degrading and humiliating.”

From my own experience of working in the area I can say that National Funeral Home has some of the highest funeral costs in the area. One of the 4 employees that spoke to authorities presented pictures.

The Washington Post Article and Video are a must see.

Service Corporation International or SCI is the Largest Funeral Corporation in  World.  The SCI Founder Robert Waltrip is a close friend of the Ex Presidents’  Bush Family. It is time for this SCI executive to go. Check out a previous SCI scandal here.

Service Corporation International (SCI) operates over 1500 Funeral Homes and over 400 Cemeteries according to their website. SCI is conducting an independent investigation. The authorities are also investigating the situation.

This is as disaster to as i see it for the funeral industry. A  national corpse  abuse scandal at the same time as preneed fraud is focused in Illinois on the IFDA and nationally on the NFDA Executive Secretary Randall L Earl.

More Black Marks on Funeral Directors.

Funeral Costs| Funeral Industry Blog by your funeral guy

Funeral Director Illinois and Virginia.

I’m sure SCI did not treat Ronald Reagan’s body this way.

Robert Waltrip is a national figure connected to the BUSH Family. He has been mentioned in many newspaper and web articles over the years. This post is not an attack on his person or corporation. Too many Scandals for a public figure often means they should step aside, until things are resolved,

Demaine Funeral Home pic from FLICKR

NCinDC’s photostream


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