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Revealed Embalming Fluid|only for the dead! -Your Funeral Guy.

30 Mar
Embalming Fluid has one use Embalming. As a Street drug it is highly toxic

Embalming Fluid has one use Embalming. As a Street drug it is highly toxic

While  a funeral director in the Washington DC area, I was approached several times by people on the of smoking embalming fluid. Some Folks do this to get high. My response was, if you try it you will die. Embalming fluid is one of the most dangerous materials around.

It is best not to be exposed to this liquid.  Funeral Directors and Embalmers are instructed not to have contact with the chemical. They are required to have full personal protection on when working with the dead and embalming fluid-formaldehyde. It should be noted that embalming fluid has been known to cause cancer.

The substance is so toxic that environmentalists question whether it should even be allowed to accompany dead folks in the ground.

In spite of all this some young folks have taken to smoking embalming fluid in Texas.

“We’ve got a special report this morning on a topic that many parents will find shocking. It concerns a new trend among teen drug abusers. It’s embalming fluid, mostly formaldehyde. Of course funeral homes need to have it on hand, but teenagers need to stay away from it…….in Corpus Christi, are risking their lives and smoking embalming fluid to get high.”It makes your body feel like you are made out of rubber and makes you feel bullet proof,” said the addict.

“I have seen a spike recently in the younger kids,” said Chemical Dependency Counselor Renee Lovett. On the streets here, it’s called wet, sherm or dip.

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