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Funeral Industry Struggling in USA, Washington State-Your Funeral Guy.

24 Mar
Choose cremation if you need to Lower Funeral Costs.

Choose cremation if you need to Lower Funeral Costs.

The Funeral Industry is having a tough time around the country, because  of the difficult economy. Every day there is more evidence for the downward spiral of the average cost of a  traditional funeral.

I have declared the average cost of a  traditional funeral to be $8,500+dollars in 2009. For the first quarter of 2009 that number is trending significantly downward.

This number has been recently confirmed by numbers in Washington State. More and more folks are requesting cremation there and in the the rest of the country. According to KXLY.COM in  Spokane,Washington-Heritage Funeral Home President Dennis Murphy said:

“An individual cremation, you’re looking at less than $1,000, and with the average full body burial with cemetery property you’re looking at $8,000 to $9,000

The bad economy equals more cremations this year.

“I’d say they’re up 25 percent,” Murphy said.

In Washington 75 percent of all funeral business is cremation, and Murphy says that number could reach 85 percent before the year is out.”

A similar article has been posted at the Seattle Times and carried in Parade Magazine, and the Boston Herald. It shared similar information to what has been presented here.

A Rise in Cremation has been documented across the United States of America.

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Preneed Fear,Confusion in Illinois-Your Funeral Guy.

24 Mar

Illinois seems to be in a panic over preneed funeral money. Thank the antics of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association and their $59 million “Madoff  fund”. This is a classic case of attacking the messenger. There is “confused and frightened public.” said IFDA insider Chris Butler of Butler Funeral Homes and Cremation Tribute Center in Springfield,IL. The IFDA Preneed scam is what confused and frightened the public not a State Register Editorial and a series of articles as he claims.-your funeral guy.

Funeral Funding Fear in Illinois over "Madoff" like fund

Funeral Funding Fear in Illinois over "Madoff" like fund

News March 24th 2009 An article by an Illinois Funeral Directors Association Insider has been posted at the State Journal Register. There seems to be a frightened public, a panic in Illinois about their Preneed Funeral Policies. Chris Butler a local Funeral Director  in Illinois and former IFDA committee member said:

Snippet: “I feel an obligation to reply to the recent SJ-R editorial regarding the Illinois Funeral Directors Association (IFDA) Trust and the many recent articles by writer Bruce Rushton. Area residents need to be reassured they will receive what they planned and paid for and that the concept of advance planning is a safe, secure and meaningful one.”

My Comment Here: Reassurance needs to take the form of Regulation and Investigation to  make sure misappropriation or fraud (?) in an Advance Planning preneed trust fund  does not happen again.

Snippet:the SJ-R editorial has created a confused and frightened public

My Comment: The SJR editorial, the reporter, the articles did not create a confused and frightened public. THE ACTIONS OF FUNERAL DIRECTORS and  the ILLINOIS FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION CREATED the whole mess.

For now here are some of my comments posted at the State Journal Register article March 24th 2009.

“This posting is sad. Butler has been active on IFDA committees over the years. He is an IFDA  insider. Although he speaks of ‘trusting the funeral home’ Trusting the funeral Home and the IFDA is what caused the problem in the first place.

A 59 Million dollar loss is at least a mismanagement maybe fraud. How can such a small group of Funeral Directors mismanage so much of the folks money? Butler’s committee activities make him a party to the mess.

Regulators did not do the deed of selling and mismanaging IFDA policies.Funeral Directors and the IFDA did.

Quote: ‘It is important also to note that under MOST pre-need contracts, it is the funeral home, not the consumer, who bears the risk of the funding options performance.

What happens to those  “folks”who are not most? The Question still remains. Who will notify IFDA non-guaranteed policy holders of their losses?.

In spite of all that is said above-preneed prepayment comes down to the funeral director gets the interest on your money. This other point of view is left out of THIS article.

It would be helpful if interested folks would be given the specifics of the news release mentioned above,
Who,what, why, and where.

Your Funeral Guy, Author, Funeral Director, State of Illinois and Commonwealth of Virginia”

Source State Journal Register-Springfield,IL

As mentioned before the  NFDA  Secretary is involved here.