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Has The Illinois Funeral Directors Association Lied on Lobbying for Trust? Your Funeral Guy

17 Mar

Illinois Funeral Directors Association has lied and kept us in the dark on their Lobbyists

Illinois Funeral Directors Association has lied and kept us in the dark on their Lobbyists

Illinois has been rocked by the ponzi scheme of the Illinois Funeral Directors Association. Their Lobbyists   involved are the now Senator Roland Burris and the named IFDA Lobbyist Tom Cullen. Both Burris and Cullen have been silent on their role and connection to the alleged Ponzi Scheme in the IFDA Preneed Trust

The “IFDA”  LIED ABOUT BURRIS in a  response to a  World Net Daily Reporter January. From the January 16th 2009 WND Article.

The IFDA declined to answer most of the questions WND posed regarding the issue. A spokesman did confirm that Burris’ law firm “was retained to provide government relations representation in 2007.”

All of this has ocurred in the shadow of Gov. Rod Blagojevich, D-Illinois arrest and impeachment scandal. There is an ongoing investigation  on  Senator Roland Burris and Rod Blagovetich by States Attorneys in Illinois.

But the statement said, “At no time did Mr. Burris or his firm provide legal services relating to IFDA Trust Administration.”

But when  the State Journal Register(Springfield,IL) Bruce Rushton did some research he found  a letter signed by  Roland Burris  saying he was hired as a lobbyist for IFDA trust administration the  IFDA statement  to WND  became  a confirmed lie.

Here is a quote from Burris’s own pen in a letter to Comptroller Dan Hynes of the State of Illinois.

“My company has been retained by the Illinois Funeral Director’s Association to assist them in the very important matters of the Funeral and Burial Trust Funds that is pending with your office,” Burris wrote in the letter to Hynes dated July 16, 2007. “My client, IFDA is very willing to resolve this matter with the least amount of difficulties as possible. They retained me as a former State Comptroller to work with your office and state agencies to resolve these issues. Therefore, I am requesting a meeting with Assistant Comptroller (Peggy) Roth and you to see if we can work out a solution to this issue that is satisfactory to all parties that will protect the investment of 49,000 investors and be in compliance with state law.”

Certainly the Illinois Funeral Directors Association, and IFDA Lobbyists Roland Burris and Tom Cullen need to give us some “Truth in Lobbying” information. both Burris and Cullen could reveal much.

Funeral Directors and their organizations(This Case the IFDA) need to be truthful if they expect us to trust them with our money.

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Burris named as IFDA Lobbyist in his own letter.

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