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IFDA SPEAKER says Preneed is terminal,it will die.-Your Funeral Guy.

10 Mar
NEWS-IFDA Speaker Robin Heppel and Industry watchdog "FCA Slocum" have some agreement on the Death of Preneed.

NEWS-IFDA Speaker and Industry watchdog "FCA Slocum" have some agreement on the Death of Preneed.

The IFDA speaker Robin Heppel says preneed is terminally sick. He is implying that “Preneed” is most likely to die. When  this happens it will help lower the average cost of a funeral across the USA and Canada.

Certainly the funeral watchdog FCA president agrees according to the  next issue of Newsweek, a March 16th,article by Associate Editor Matthew Phillips. Heppel’s statement was made at his website. In his article he declares the death of preneed to occur in 2014.

Preneed will not die in 2014 as Heppel implies in his article. It more likely will be put in the grave in 2010, that comes right from the mouth of Your Funeral Guy.

It is important to take into account the losses in Scandals. The IFDA and NPS(National Prearranged Services) losses in 2008 amount to around 1.6 Billion dollars. This amounts to 10% hit in the 15 billion dollar funeral business all in preneed. Maybe Heppel did not crunch the numbers or needs the speaker fee from the IFDA again.

This a blow to preneed and the IFDA, (Illinois Funeral Director Association) all ready rocked by there alleged ponzi scheme in the IFDA Preneed Trust.

For now here is the watchdogs comment in the upcoming issue of Newsweek.( March 16th 2009).

The entire prepaid funeral industry is on the verge of collapse,” says the FCA’s Slocum.

According to Robin Heppel:

“Pre-need as we know it may not be dead yet, but it looks like it could be terminal.”

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