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IFDA brings in NY Times to defend Museum and the Alleged Ponzi Trust.

9 Mar
So who is telling the Truth? The New York Times or the State Journal Register?

So who is telling the Truth? The New York Times or the State Journal Register?

The (IFDA) Illinois Funeral Directors Association) recently brought in one of the largest media players to defend it’s Museum of Funeral Customs and the IFDA Preneed Trust, The New York Times.

There seems to be some contradictions and confusion in the press on this one. It does appear that Duane Marsh, director of the IFDA may have lied or told a Roland Burris half truth to the New York Times.

First in the New York Times March 9th 2009,

“The association of funeral directors has had other problems, too. A trust it once managed — focused on “pre-need” funeral planning — declined sharply in value, prompting a handful of civil lawsuits alleging financial mismanagement. Although the museum used no money from the trust, Mr. Marsh said, the association’s budget took a hit.

But from a Newspaper Article in the State Journal Register, Springfield Illinois, dated February 27th 2009.

“According to an IFDA-commissioned audit, the foundation that ran the museum received at least $250,000 annually in 2006 and 2007 from the association, which got more than $2 million each of those years from management fees generated by the trust fund.”

Maybe Duane Marsh was splitting hairs when he said the museum received no IFDA Trust funds. The foundation that ran the museum got the funds according to the audit. Sounds like a Senator Roland Burris half truth lie to me.

Sure wish the spin would stop and some one will print the truth.

The New York Times is known for not printing the Truth upon occasion. The State Journal Register in Springfield, IL is known for printing the truth.

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News-Bizarre Twist on Funeral Cost-Dead Body Subpoena-yourfuneralguy

9 Mar
Chrysler Corporation gets a Court Order for a deceased person's body- burial stopped

Chrysler Corporation gets a Court Order for a deceased person's body- burial stopped

News 3/09/09- In a bizarre twist on Funeral Cost Chrysler has subpoenaed  a dead body.  This has added Emotional and Financial funeral cost  as the body was snatched after a funeral and right before burial.  The family is fighting the court order. The trial was set to begin on March 9th 2009. The person involved has not had a burial.

In an article at The Truth about Cars:

“The trial was set to begin March 9. Unexpectedly, St. John died on February 28. Though he had undergone a painful biopsy to provide a lung tissue sample while still living, Chrysler insisted on taking the body from its burial site before it could be laid to rest.”

This approach seems to be distasteful and disrespectful. It surely shows a lack of respect for the dead. It appears that the law has no respect for persons living or dead.


“Chrysler had asked the court for permission to obtain tissue samples, but the court order was not issued until the day of the funeral. The process server waited until after the funeral but before interment to serve the order, offending the grieving family who claim they caught completely unaware of Chrysler’s request.”

It was a good thing that the process server showed discretion and respect.

What can be learned from this? DEATH and the LAW are no respecter of persons.

Maybe it would have been best if the automakers did not get a bailout and had their own funeral.

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