Your Funeral Guy: More Bloggers on Funeral Cost and the IFDA

14 Dec

More bloggers are putting out information on the  low cost funeral, including  funeral service experts, funeral directors, author’s, CPA’s and lawyers.

1.There has been a Funeral Service Insider Article on the IFDA-Preneed Trust. In this article the question of excessive fees to manage the trust was raised.

2. Another Funeral Director Author has begun blogging on the Illinois Funeral Directors Association Mismanagement Scandal

This person has actually copied one of my blogs and is putting out similar information. This is good for the Funeral Industry

3. A Preneed lawyer has blogged about the IFDA Preneed Trust and the National Arranged Services  Situation

This is all good news for honesty in the Funeral Industry!

Just a quick note on the IFDA Preneed Trust Management Debacle.

In the original Springfield Journal Register Article states the value of the IFDA fund to be 300 million USD, but the Illinois Funeral Directors Association has not stated the value since the Wall Street Crisis.

At the next post  we will resume the topic-five things you need to know before shopping for a funeral.

Your Funeral Guy.

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